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Pressure test
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Pressure testing instructions
1. After the pipeline is installed and fully cooled, pressure test must be done to eliminate the influence caused by improper transportation and installation of the pipeline.

2. The plastic plug at the outlet of the family belongs to the temporary pressure test and sealing function. If the sanitary ware products such as taps, hoses and corner valves are not installed for a long time, leakage may occur.

3. The test pressure of cold water pipes should be 1.5 times of the design pressure, not less than 0.96 MPa, and that of hot water pipes should be 2.0 times, not less than 1.2 MPa.

4. Use the pressure tester to gradually raise the test pressure to the prescribed pressure. If the pressure decreases within 10 minutes, but there is no leakage, the pressure will be restored to the prescribed pressure. Pressure will be stabilized for 1 hour, and there is no obvious drop in pressure, no leakage, that is qualified.

The first step is to buy Pipes and collect the "credit card" at the dealership.

The second step when the pipeline is installed, call the local dealer to make telephone reservation.

The third step is test the door-to-door service and conduct a comprehensive physical examination for your plumbing.

The final step is assist owners in repairing and rebuilding if potential safety hazards are detected; sign quality "credit card" if qualified.

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